A Spasm Of Love And Hate

A perfect match
Edges so sharp
With a fit too close.
Minds almost touching
Bodies in unison
A homologous pair
With emotions on high.
Bitter hatred
Or indefinite affection,
Not a choice really
As much as destiny.
No choice
No voice
No control.
And even if there is a feeling
And even if it is requited
Is it real?
Can something take up space
Without bumps and defects?
Perfection will not
Can not
Override reality.
So if perfection
Is imaginary,
The truest of love
Must exist
Between mismatched lovers.



She was drowning

But the light at the end of the tunnel

Shown brighter than ever


Of the girl of change.

Now she glows

Bright with confidence

Fueled with ulterior motives.

The girl of change

Opens the door

Welcomes the madman

Dances with him

Lets the electricity flow through her

Knowing she deserves her criminal sentence.

Surviving on passion

Thriving on spontaneity

Starving for adventure

She’s alive again.

The leviathan

Fights beside her

Along with the music

Fast, beating, daring.

It’s good to be back.


Always number one.

Crooked king

Sitting on his throne

Built on mountains

Made of manipulation.

He loves it there.

Fake friends

So very loyal

So eager to please him

As long as they get to share

In the royalty.

He loves being king,

Loves it enough to keep talking.

Drugs in his eyes

Sex on his lips

Who was I to resist?

The lies are always so real with him

Because he has you

Tell them to yourself.

He could love me

We could be together

It would be so perfect.

When he strikes

It burns.

Feeding off of the wars

He started with his words.

A mean cycle

Never ending,

Because of his hunger

For royalty

Royalty that only pain could maintain

My pain especially.

I watched him raise his weapon

To my heart

Can’t speak

Can’t stop

One word

And it was over.

Even as I lay bleeding

Even as he chose his throne

Over me

I wanted him

A hold so dark…

Who was I to try and resist

The Peacemaker?

Last Night On Earth

A girl of change
Surviving on passion
Thriving on spontaneity
Starving for adventure
Isn’t that what she wants?
Isn’t that what she’s wanted all along?
It’s what she asked for
It’s what he’s given her
Yet the world has turned
From a welcoming idea
To a leviathan.
Now she lies
Towers like too high
To see past.
A sickening feeling
Like a criminal sitting
In the electric chair.
She finds salvation in the music
Slow, sad dumps
Lull her
To a sleep she fears to wake from.
Where’s the thrill?
The jittery excitement
She longed for
For so long.
She wanted something new
Now something new is here
Like a madman
Dancing at her door
And the girl of change
Longs to be

Peace Without The Peacemaker

To me

You are a forbidden fruit

That has rotted.

An item on my bucket list

But my bucket’s been emptied

And filled anew.

Chemicals in my head combined

To try and toxify my heart

Yet my renegade blood

Remains pure.

I’ve lost my naïveté

My sorry eyes can see

Your sky blue

Cannot penetrate

My cloudy clarity

Any longer.

I’m free in the icy cusp

The transitional pull

Of the waves of the ocean.

Why would I chose the sky

Constantly changing shades

Thickness of the atmosphere

Fluctuating at every level,

When I can have the entirety

Of the clear




My stare is piercing

Your teeth have dulled

That face of yours

Seems to be dimming,

The fire behind you

Reduced to sparks.

My revenge

Is served to your cold.

My fire’s back,

Burning on the water.

But sweetheart,

Where’s yours?

Dress Code

Oh no. A 16-year-old writing about her opinions on dress codes in schools and how it’s not fair she can’t show up to class wearing clothes that cover about as much as a bikini would. Might as well get out now.

Don’t worry, that’s not what this is about. Well, maybe a little bit, but I like to think I’m a little more tasteful.

First off, I’d like you to know I believe dress codes in schools are completely reasonable (in theory.) I do think that schools are places of education, and should be treated professionally. As with any job you’re expected to be presentable. Showing up to work with your butt cheeks hanging out probably wouldn’t get you a promotion (well, I guess that depends on the kind of boss you have.) Despite the obvious necessity of dress codes in schools, I do think that there is something very wrong with the way they work.

1. Dress codes are sexest.

Sorry, but it’s true. Now I get that most teenage boys aren’t going to have an issue with hiding cleavage, but it’s a little unfair the way they are treated when compared to girls. In my school, here’s what goes down: A girl wears a dress that’s too short and she’s forced to changed (or, if she’s unable to change, sent home) and given a detention. A boy sags and he’s scolded in the hallway by the teacher to “make a better clothing choice next time.”

I think there’s something wrong with that. What ever happened to equal treatment?

2. Dress codes are objectifying

At the beginning of each school year we have an assembly laying out school rules. When we get to dress code, here’s what goes down:

“Boys, please don’t sag. Also, no sunglasses.”

“Girls, you need to respect your bodies. Boys are going to look at you if you dress scandalously, because boys will be boys. You need to cover up even if it’s hot out. No matter how tall or short you are, the school rule is all shorts/skirts/dresses must come down to at least your fingertips. Too much cleavage is unacceptable. If you start showing off your body, your peers will look down upon you. You might even be called a whore. People will laugh behind your backs on top of the school consequences, which are a referral home and a detention.”

Boys will be boys.

My school actually said that in the assembly. If there is one phrase I hate more than anything, it’s that. Because all it’s saying is that boys have the right to objectify and sexualize girls for perfectly normal body parts. How about instead of shaming girls for their bodies, we teach the guys that girls aren’t sexual objects? It’s wrong for the whole thing to be one-sided. The other thing that gets me is “you need to cover up even if it’s hot out.” So, what you’re saying here is, boys can dress for the weather, but girls need to hide themselves even if it’s uncomfortable. Let me say it again: GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS. We aren’t dolls who can be dressed up any way you want. We have feelings and ideas and yes, we have discomfort in heat. I’m not saying it’s ok for us to show up naked, but some slack seriously needs to be cut. If it’s 90 degrees one day, girls should be allowed to wear shorter shorts.

3. Dress codes are lazy

The rule at my school is that bottoms need to be to/past your fingertips. Well, that’s awesome for short girls, but I’m 5’9″. No shorts I have found go to my fingertips. If they do, they’re the awkwardly long kind that every girl I know wore in middle school. I don’t like them. The solution? Proportionate dress code. The rule: If your legs are __ long your shorts need to be __ inches. Wow. How difficult. It bothers me how little thought has been put into the dress code, yet girls are expected to put thought into every clothing item they buy to follow it.

Sorry if I’m ranting, but if I have to follow a rule it better damn well be thought out. I do believe dress codes are necessary, they just need to be revised. Would that really be so hard? Why can’t schools find it in them to stop treating girls like objects and boys like saints? We’re in the 21st century. You can’t put us all in frocks and dresses and corsets anymore.