Nimrod (Album Review)


Now, I know that Nimrod’s not a relatively new album, but it’s my favorite album from my favorite band (if you haven’t noticed, majority of the titles of my posts come from Green Day songs.) I fell in love with Nimrod the very first time I heard it, and it’s played a big part in inspiring my writing career.

To fully appreciate the glorious gem of an album Nimrod is, I’m going to take the time to write a bit about each song it contains.

1. Nice Guys Finish Last:
This song for me is not about the stereotypical douchebag guy that girls seem to always love, but rather a rebellious anthem. Why be the nice guy? Why be so subordinate? Why be the guy to get stepped on? Here’s a tip: DON’T. Rebel. Rebel. Rebel. Perfect song for when you’re feeling a little insubordinate.

2. Hitchin’ A Ride:
Now this song doesn’t have the nicest message (sounds to me like Billie Joe’s experimenting with alcohol again- surprise) but I personally enjoy the seductive melody of the song. It always gives me that little extra push when I need a few more ounces of confidence.

3. The Grouch:
I absolutely ADORE this song. It’s apathetic, pessimist, and a little bit of a downer, but there’s still something about it’s repetitive melody that makes me want to walk around singing it at the top of my lungs.

4. Redundant:
Now this is one of the sweeter songs on the album. It tells a story of the eventually deterioration of romance in a long-term relationship. It also gives a message that I think more people need to realize: don’t say ‘I love you’ unless you really mean it. Make every time those three words leave your lips special.

5. Scattered
I have to say this might be my favorite song on the whole album. It reminds me of the past, those fond memories we all struggle to hold onto. Even the memories you thought you wanted to forget, might turn out to be something you really need to remember.

6. All The Time:
Now, this song doesn’t have a super deep meaning or rocking melody, but it’s catchy as hell. It’s the song that’ll be stuck in your head all day.

7. Worry Rock:
This song is a not-so-sweet love song. It takes us through a failing relationship, the kind where there’s just no communication anymore. But in the end, if two people really love each other, they can always pull through together. A bitter-sweet message that reminds me not to give up.

8. Platypus (I Hate You):
Ahh, another rebel anthem. From the outrageous title (Billie Joe himself even verified that the only reason this song title is what it is, is because Billie had always had this random urge to name a song ‘Platypus’) to it’s fuck-you-attitude lyrics, this is the song I turn to when I really just need a good head banging. Food for the soul, my friends, food for the soul.

9. Uptight:
This song has a specially place in my heart, being that it documents the feelings that accompany suicidal thoughts. Being a high schooler, I’m placed in a high-anxiety environment daily. The kind of environment that inspires suicide, something that both close friends of mine and myself have dealt with.

10. Last Ride In:
At first listen, you might not think there’s very much to this song, since it’s only an instrumental. Yet it’s still brilliantly written. It’s surfer-rock edge it has to it always brings me back to lying on the sunny coast of Gulf Shores.

Now, I’m skipping 3 songs (Jinx, Haushinka, and Walking Alone) not because they’re badly written or because I don’t like them, only because they don’t carry much meaning for me.

14. Reject:
The very first song I heard from Nimrod, and it is on the top of my list still to this day. It questions the people who think they know you, who think they have the right to judge you. Takes their words and throws them right back in their faces. There are a few select people I’d like to sing this song to.

15. Take Back
This song screams metal. No, literally. The song is mostly Billie yelling. Another great head banger.

16. King For A Day:
We’ve all dressed up a little crazy before, right? King For A Day has the be the craziest, quirkiest, most fun song on the album, the kind of song you just HAVE to get up and dance to. It follows the antics of a young Billie Joe Armstrong dressing up in some rather, uh, interesting outfits.

17. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life):
Awww, we all remember this song! Whether it was played at your graduation or you sang at the top of your lungs during a car ride with your buddies, Good Riddance is definitely a popular favorite. With good reason, too.

18. Prosthetic Head:
This song is another one of my favorites. It’s about those people who are so fake (groan) that it’s just pathetic. Just plain pathetic. I can think of a few people I’d like to sing this song to, also.

Nimrod in, my opinion is, one of the most underrated albums of all time. If you’ve never heard it before, I strongly recommend giving it a listen!


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