A Thousand Clever Lines, Unread On Clever Napkins

He stared at me with such intensity, it was impossible to look away. All I needed was a quick glance somewhere else, a second to gather up a clever line or two. No such chance came, so I was forced to speak the only line stuck in my head:

“You know me.” He laughed, not his usual bright giggle, but a dark snigger. A sound full of hurt and disbelief.

“I know you well enough to know you never loved me.” I needed to scream. I needed to grab him by the shoulders and shake him and shout at him until he heard me. I couldn’t. Frozen like an icicle hanging from an abandoned hotel, I watched as he started to stand.

“Wait,” I managed to speak through my stupor. Turning back to me, his hazel eyes struck my green ones like lighting. They were filled to the brim with pain.

“Why, why should I wait,” he spat at me. “So we can just cycle through this? I can’t. I’m sick of watching you love to hate me.”

All of my witty lines, every verbal war tactic I’d readied myself with escaped me now. This was final, and I was silent. He turned away again. I was finally out of manipulation, so I just spoke what came up. Pure word vomit.

“I love you.”

As he whirled around to face me, I could see that the pain in his eyes had evaporated to hate.

“Lies! Don’t you EVER stop lying?” Grabbing tuffs of his chocolate brown hair, he opened his mouth to scream. Instead, he looked at me as calmly as he could with all that hate in his eyes and moved his lips over to my ears.

“You and your lies stay away from me,” he whispered. With that, he left.

I flicked my eyes down to my shoes, and the lines that I had been searching for so desperately a moment ago filled my head. I knew better than to speak them.


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