Touched Without A Kiss Again

This is not happening

I want it to be true

With all my heart

But I know it isn’t.

Every sign is present and accounted for

Short of breath

Heartbeat fast

Sounds like love,

But I know it won’t last.

I’ve found my starry nights

But they’re getting blocked out

By my city lights.

The boy at the end

Of the serenade

Has stopped singing to me

It stings

In a way similar to how The Peacemaker


But not quite the same.

I feel like this stinging will end

But I’m not sure when

He sings when he sees

My pain

To ease the sting

But as I look to him

He shuts his mouth

As quickly as it opened.

Now I can no longer tell

Is this the boy at the end of the serenade?

Or a demon disguised

At the beginning

Of a new one altogether?

Either way

It’s death to the girl of change

At the end of the serenade.


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