Fall in Love To Alcohol And Cigarettes

A word- friendship

What comes to mind?

A glass of wine and a cigarette

Phrases spoken in hushed voices

Side glances and fingers over lips.

They always say that love is a game

If it is, I’m not the one playing.

I play with pencil skirts and tight dresses

Mascara coated lies and eyeliner tones

Whoever has the prettiest mouth wins,

The only way to keep the game going.

New stories leave them dead by association

With plastic painted dolls

And coloured lips still asking

Who’s Queen?




Dazzling white teeth

Sharpened to a point

To tear apart demons

To run rampant through reputations.


A word and a world

Much too complex to dissect

When bonds and breakage coexist

In a never ending whirlwind

Of chaos and glamour.



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