This Ain’t A Scene, It’s A Goddamn Arms Race

Girls who wear frizzy hair
In low ponies
Sporting tie-die tees
And baggy sweats
Girls who are a lot more
Than just “fresh faced,”

I don’t like girls like that.

Call me shallow
But I think I’m just jealous,

Girls like that don’t have secrets
I’ve realized
How much deception
A swipe of eyeliner can hold
The covert affairs that lay
Tangled in the hem of a blouse.

Girls like me are skinny
Working out curves the anxiety
Tames the sharp pangs of doubt

Girls like me are tan
Cooking out imperfection
Steaming off burnt yellow tears

Girls like me have model eyes
Beneath dark sunglasses
The windows to our souls
Painted shut

Pretty isn’t always beautiful
An aura of darkness
Black coffee
Dulls bright teeth smiles

I don’t like girls who don’t have secrets
One layer thin
Untainted hearts

Girls who don’t have secrets
Aren’t quite whole
Too perfect
Too chaste

I could never let go
Of my lies


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