If We’re Keeping Score

I don’t need pugnacious lines

No matter how sweetly said

It’s still cacophonous to me.

One wrong

And I’m looking to get even

Let’s face it;

People never change.

Fight or flight?

My renegade nature bubbles up

From the dark place it had been residing

Running cold through my blood

Crawling under my skin.

Leaving would just be easier

I never wanted to fight.

I don’t want to hear you condescend

Can’t listen to you patronize

I’m not a helpless child

Now I can fend for myself

Defend myself

From you, if I have to.

Maybe it’s something a miss in my head

A dominatrix of a sort

I cannot

Will not



Humble myself before you.

Now we’ve reached the end of the serenade

I’m not liking what I see.

You fell in love with the girl of change



Easy to control, manipulate

Easier still to melt in admiration.

But the girl of change is gone

Burned at the stake, remember?

In her place someone new rises

She lit aflame that stake;

The girl of fire.

She demands to be venerated

One condescending glance

And you’ve estranged her,

The girl of fire

Is too bright to live dimly.

Now the question is,

Can you love her, too?







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