There’s Fire In My Veins And It’s Pouring Out Like A Flood

Just a spark

That’s all it was

Nagging in the back of her brain

Constantly ignored

At first.

Frozen out

She hadn’t realized;

Freezing and burning can feel the same.

Flames turned her skin blue

Instead of charred black

She hadn’t realized

She wanted her fire back.


Quick of the tongue

A line of sassafras

And warmth creeped through her toes.

Flash a smile

It raced to her heart.

Golden eyes

Reflecting heat in her soul

A blood blush of insanity.

Dolorous laughter and despondent glances

Flushed out

From blue to red.

The girl of change fire,

She became the Damsel of the Inferno.

Orange and red and yellow

Colours so beautiful

Dangerous to the touch.

Damsel of the Inferno

Fire in her veins

And she’s out for blood.






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