Vendetta, Sweet Vendetta

Sugar coated

With black syrup

You think as long as you flash that smile

The world will crack like an egg in your hands.

Well I can’t wait

Until your face is covered

With that very same egg.

You’re caught up in perfection

I’m focused

On the allure of instability.

I’m waiting for you to slip

On your insecurities

And drown in your own throat’s cunning.

Ink to paper

A nuclear explosion

Just give me one more reason to set my sights.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword

I say the pen is a gun.

Your straight teeth

Crinkle-eyed smile

Broad shouldered and

Just tall enough

For that perfect embrace

The way you clench your jaw

Chocolate milky hair

Swept over perfection


I almost need to be reminded

Which side of the barrel you belong on


I dare you to bite the bullet

Crack that perfect smile

A ruined image

And what are you, darling

Without that perfect face?


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