I’ll Spend The Night Living In Denial

She lies in her bed
A nervous sweat encompasses her
Soft pillows and warm sheets
Bereft of comfort.
They say this how it starts
Sleep unattainable
Mind whirring
With a million plausible outcomes
Does he like me?
Am I crazy?
No, a boy like him wouldn’t ever like me
I AM crazy to pursue him
Unless he does like me…
I better give up now
Before I get hurt
He’ll just end up breaking my heart
I can’t get broken.

Something in her heart
A steady, pulsing termagant
Oh, you do like him
And what have you got to lose?

Love begins
As a leviathan,
Transfixing in horror
Riveting and painful
To a girl so dauntless.

But eventually
Something slows
Twittering of the mind
Becomes a lull to the heart.
All it took was a little conformation.

She lies in her bed
A comforting radiance
From a succoring hand
Veiled in a silken, doting glow.
His plush scent surrounds her
Calming her mind
To a soothed soul
He loves me
I know he loves me
Nothing to worry about
Nothing to fear
Heartbreak nowhere near
Now I can rest
Since I love him, too.

A palette cleanser
Fresh and sweet
No gift could be lovelier.
Love blossoms from a leviathan
Into a devoted blanket
An overlay of reassurance
A tranquil night
To a girl
The lonely stars once so disturbed.


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