A family so dear
It wets my eyes
Please one more song
One last sweet reprise
And as the world
Spins over round
We pause in time
In harmonious sound
The seniors smile
Hug and wave
The secrets spilled
The praise they had gave
Saccharine words
So unprepared
Delivered with love
Voices trembling and scared
Scared to leave
Abandon the bond
Built with music
And drama and beyond
Such strangers
A month before
Some admit
They though it’d be a bore
Now embrace
Can’t dream of leaving
Friends for life
Something to believe in
A pull so powerful
It can’t possibly be wrong
“What makes us special
Makes us strong.”

After finishing our production of “Shrek: The Musical” I’ve grown so close with all of the cast and crew involved, and knowing that a lot of the kids I hold so dear are leaving. Even though some of them I’ve only known for a few months, I can’t imagine life without them. These people have created a safe place, an environment where everyone builds each other up. We are all different people, misfits in every way, but we accept and cherish each other’s uniqueness and just plain weirdness. And that right there is true love.

Weekly Word Challenge: Love


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