ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Static Age” Teaser

I’ve mostly written poetry on this blog, with a few fictional short stories here and there.


Outside of this blog I’ve been working on a little more time-consuming project: a full-length novel I like to call The Static Age. It’s not quite finished yet, and to be honest I probably won’t release the whole thing on this blog (those pesky plagiarizers.) I will make an effort to have it published somewhere a little more trustworthy; or, if the opportunity presents itself, just on its own. If that does happen, I’ll be sure to put a link here to where it can be found.

The Static Age is a story that follows young couple, Carsten and Gloria, as the find themselves in the middle of a government overthrow led by ex-general of the United States Marine Corps, Edwin Caplin. As Caplin’s new empire grows, the call of revolution and rebellion echos louder and louder to the duo.

I will be releasing a short, rough draft, unedited teaser of the story at 10PM tonight.



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