Foxes Hunt The Hounds

I find my hope in words.

I see violet

In the midst of mischief.

A vast night sky

Stars and planets and cosmic dust

Show me truth.

I feel life

In the fire

And a spark

From the music.

I know freedom

And how liberation

Comes from bravery.

I hear the media in our society

The garbage that breaks us.

I am patronized

By my authorities.

I feel the red seeping into panic

And a riot building

From deferred passion.

I look at sexualized propaganda

And hear the empty static buzzing in my brain.

I have epiphanies

Engulfed in danger.

I’m told success

Leads to corruption

And progression is the

Seeds of jealousy.

I see government-issued regulations

To “perfect” our subordinate nation

Bland and smothering.


The youth-


Pink, yellow, orange

Dipped in navy nights

And brimming with redesigned ideas

Alternative action-

Are the change.

Seductive secrets

Eyeliner lies

They have full hearts.

They can’t assimilate

No room for old politics

Stuffy men in rigid-structured suits

The youth is starving

For a new-self image.

We have trust and devotion

A will to stay modernized

In an obsolete society.




For eventually

Adrenalin and spontaneity

Will get the best of our hormones

And we





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