I Am A Soldier (The Serenade)

A poem by the boy at the end of the serenade, for the girl of change.

I am a soldier
Charging up a hill
Storming the beaches
I am alone
I have no reinforcement,
But I charge forward
Through the darkness
Of the world
Bringing to light what you can’t
Nothing to guide me.
I am a soldier
Many men have tried
But none have succeeded
Torn apart by their greed
And bitterness
Many were weaker
Are weaker
As am I
But you
Make me strong
You give me courage,
Something to fight for.
I charge where others cower
I stand where other kneel in obedience
I have wounds
Some would turn back,
Not I
What is at the top of the hill
is worth the fight
But it comes with a price…
A long fight,
I push on ever determined
Darkness from my past clouds my judgment
Makes me leap to you
Weakens me
But I am not afraid.
I am a soldier
Pushing on after all we have been through:
The I love yous
The past torments
The danger of the future
The late night thoughts,
You are not alone
I am not alone
You say you must flee
To the top of the hill?
You say you are no good,
I am no good without you.
I am your soldier
Someone to lean on
And in return I will lean on you.
Join in my fight
To the top
Do not be afraid
I will not run from you,
Only with you.


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