peace·mak·er ˈpēsˌmākər/: A person who brings about peace (through any means)

You like keeping

Your subconscious thoughts

In captivity.

Secrets shuffled

Through your closest enemies

Don’t think I’m blind

My sorry eyes can see

Your glances and smirks,

And for God’s sake

I’m not deaf.

A low-key leakage

Is still a leakage…

Yes, you like it quiet

Your strength

Lies in whispers

Blowing across the floor

Like snow on a windy day.

I’m not so stagnant,

I like the tension.

No intent or desire

For a discreet battle;

Every confrontation

For me

Is a war.

So keep believing

Believe your glances go unnoticed

And your sharp-tongued words


I will be here –

A military general

Decoding hooks and plans,

Selling you your arms

With a faulty wire.

Just you wait

“Peacemaker” is engraved on my gun

And that’s what I intend to do:

Make my peace

With a bullet between your teeth.

So in reality,

I guess I’m the true Peacemaker.






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