It’s so easy nowadays,
I used to wear my heart on my sleeve
They saw through me
Every teardrop
Every tear in my smile.
But nowadays
They can’t see me
No one can hear my voice waver
Or crack.
No one sees the my wetted eyes,
My whetted sorrow,
Behind a glass screen.
No one can tell the difference
Between “I’m okay”
And “I’m lying”
Between “I love you”
And “I’m dying.”
All you need to do
To keep unswaying faith
In your state of mind
Is a smiley
Put after a pathetic attempt
To seem alright,
But they buy it anyways
Because that emoji’s so happy!
I wish I was happy
Instead of crying myself to sleep.
But images are more important
Than emotions
That’s what Instagram taught me.
If you’re going to voice your problems
Make them cryptic
That’s what twitter taught me.
If you’re not laughing
You’re being laughed at
That’s what society taught me.
So thank God
For my little glass screen,
My perfect little lifeline.
Sadness doesn’t exist
If you can’t read it in black in white.
And if you can,
Ugh, she’s such an attention whore.
It’s be perfect
Or be nothing.


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