Something or Nothing

I’ve decided that there are two kinds of people in the world: “Something” people and “Nothing” people.


I’ll talk about the “Somethings” first.

“Something” people don’t care what they get, as long as it’s something. They wear sweats and T-shirts because it’s something to wear. They watch a TV show that they hate because it’s something to watch. They go out with people they despise because it’s something to do. I know a lot of “Something” people. “Something” people seem to have low standards in recreational things. I’m not talking about things like grades, important life decisions, ect. I’m talking about who they date and who their friends are and what they do when they’re all alone. I’m talking about free time. Some might say that I have no right to judge what people do in their free time, because it’s just free time. But I believe free time is a very important thing.

Now for the “Nothings.”

I consider myself a “Nothing” person; I’d rather have nothing than something I don’t want. If there’s nothing I like on TV, then I’m not watching TV. If the only people who are free that night are people I don’t like, then I’m not going out. I’m not wasting my free time doing things that don’t make me happy. I have exactly two friends who I consider to be “Nothing” people, and those two friends are probably the people I get along best with.

Let me explain something before I go any further.

I have no proof of an after-life. Sure, there’s a Bible. But who wrote it? I have no clue. Why should I believe a book that has no merit to me? I’m not trying to bash Christianity, I do think it has a lot of good morals. I’m just saying I see no tangible proof of Heaven, Hell, or any sort of life after death. There may be, there may not be. I don’t know. And that’s why I’m a “Nothing” person; I don’t know if there’s any other life, so I better not waste this one.

If I’m bored I’m going to write. Or read. Or play with my hair and make-up. Or sing in my bedroom. I’m going to do SOMETHING that’s going to make me happy. Because I value my free time as much as I value my life.




3 thoughts on “Something or Nothing

  1. RMX says:

    Heaven exists but hell does not. God is LOVE. He does not want to send us to eternal damnation. But humans DO NOT go to heaven either after they die. They go to the grave. The Greek word meaning hell should have been translated as grave. After the return of Jesus Christ, God shall resurrect ALL humans who have ever lived and give them a second shot at living God’s way (a way of giving instead of getting) and if they fail then they are given eternal DEATH. If eternal life is the reward the logic dictates that eternal DEATH is the punishment.

    No fiery hell. Just nothingness.

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