Recently I commented on a post on HarsH ReaLiTy: “That baby isn’t only yours,” and explained why I was pro-choice on the matter of abortion. Even more recently I decided I was wrong.

My original stance on abortion was backed by three things:

1. People are stupid. Wishing that people were not stupid will not make them any smarter, and people will continue to have unplanned pregnancies.

2. The media glorifies teen pregnancy, making teens more likely to follow that path.

3. Rape is a thing.

Reasons these are wrong:

1. People may be stupid, but there are better solutions to an unplanned pregnancy than abortion.

2. Despite the media, surveys show a decrease in teen pregnancy, most likely due to the growing popularity of contraceptives.

3. A child is a child, no matter who their parents are.


In a previous post I wrote, “Something or Nothing,” I scratched the surface on my beliefs on what life is for. I talked about how since I’ve not been given any tangible proof that any kind of after-life exists, I might as will live as though there’s not one. And that got me thinking, what if there truly is nothing else?

What if, after a child is conceived, that life is all they get? If they die unborn, that’s it for them. No after-life, no happy ending, they’re just gone. My original pro-choice stance derived from the fact that an unplanned child might get pretty crappy life. But, even crappy, their life is a chance to do something. They could leave a mark on the world, change someone’s life, or just be happy. To give someone life is to give them a chance to be happy, and do we really have the right to take that away?

Another reason I was originally pro-choice is that no matter how hard we try, people will make mistakes. Abortion, in my mind, was a practical solution to this mistake.

But then I found something out. My boyfriend, who I love very much, was a “mistake.” His parents weren’t ready for a child. What if they had decided to abort him? I’d be without him, I’d be without my best friend. I can’t even imagine that. (It’s rather ironic, though, my boyfriend is pro-choice. To each their own, I guess.)

That caused me to realize that it isn’t necessarily about the relationship between the child and the biological parents; it’s about everyone whose live’s that child will touch. It’s about what that child will become, not where they came from.

We don’t have the right to take away all of the chances a child will have.

So I’ve changed my mind. I’m pro-life instead of pro-choice.


I know I’m about to get a bunch of comments and emails saying I’m “wishy-washy” and “I can’t make up my mind,” but let me tell you something. I am 16 years old. 16-year-olds have a special talent for being wishy-washy. We fall in love with a band and buy tickets to a concert, but by the time that concert roles around we’re already on to the next thing. We hang out with friends one day and the next day we hate their guts. It’s called growing up. So even though I may not be able to make up my mind, at least I have the maturity to admit I’m wrong. At least I’m thinking about societal issues like abortion instead lying around watching another episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Instagramming my coffee cup like the majority of my generation. At least I’m able to be open-minded to counterarguments.





8 thoughts on “Pro-Life

  1. Opinionated Man says:

    You have your right to your opinion and that opinion can change many times in life. That is called living. Thank you for sharing and yes… all people just want a chance. 🙂

  2. eyeontheuniverse says:

    “What if, after a child is conceived, that life is all they get? If they die unborn, that’s it for them. No after-life, no happy ending, they’re just gone.”

    This same argument implies that you should produce as many children as possible throughout your life, because for each egg and sperm that is their only chance at happiness.

    It also assumes that there is no other consciousness affected by your production of a child. That child does not kill animals to eat, does not use up resources that hurt the environment killing more, both human and other animal.

    • quirkygirl98 says:

      This brings up a really good point, I did bring into consideration the affect on other beings. It’s the cycle of life. For someone to survive they must kill to eat, but the animal they’ve eaten also had to kill to survive. It’s nature. And that person can chose to live in a way that doesn’t harm our ecosystem. I know I try to live clean. Like I said before, it’s the right to have a chance. The unborn baby has not hurt the environment, and should have the chance to chose to remain that way. As for the producing as many children as possible part, I don’t agree. Every egg and sperm combination will produce a different person. You can’t say that not using every egg and sperm you have is not giving a child a chance, because the child doesn’t exist. Each gamete contains only your chromosomes and DNA, and therefore is a part of YOUR body. Only when a zygote is formed does it becoming something else. It’s not possible to produce every combination, because each gamete can only be used once. You can’t combine an egg with multiple sperm to make different people, so all the other possible combinations after a zygote is formed cannot exist. Biology won’t allow it. I believe that once a zygote is formed, then and only then the right for a chance at life is given. I respect your opinion, but I do not agree with it.

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