Peace Without The Peacemaker

To me

You are a forbidden fruit

That has rotted.

An item on my bucket list

But my bucket’s been emptied

And filled anew.

Chemicals in my head combined

To try and toxify my heart

Yet my renegade blood

Remains pure.

I’ve lost my naïveté

My sorry eyes can see

Your sky blue

Cannot penetrate

My cloudy clarity

Any longer.

I’m free in the icy cusp

The transitional pull

Of the waves of the ocean.

Why would I chose the sky

Constantly changing shades

Thickness of the atmosphere

Fluctuating at every level,

When I can have the entirety

Of the clear




My stare is piercing

Your teeth have dulled

That face of yours

Seems to be dimming,

The fire behind you

Reduced to sparks.

My revenge

Is served to your cold.

My fire’s back,

Burning on the water.

But sweetheart,

Where’s yours?


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