Last Night On Earth

A girl of change
Surviving on passion
Thriving on spontaneity
Starving for adventure
Isn’t that what she wants?
Isn’t that what she’s wanted all along?
It’s what she asked for
It’s what he’s given her
Yet the world has turned
From a welcoming idea
To a leviathan.
Now she lies
Towers like too high
To see past.
A sickening feeling
Like a criminal sitting
In the electric chair.
She finds salvation in the music
Slow, sad dumps
Lull her
To a sleep she fears to wake from.
Where’s the thrill?
The jittery excitement
She longed for
For so long.
She wanted something new
Now something new is here
Like a madman
Dancing at her door
And the girl of change
Longs to be


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