Always number one.

Crooked king

Sitting on his throne

Built on mountains

Made of manipulation.

He loves it there.

Fake friends

So very loyal

So eager to please him

As long as they get to share

In the royalty.

He loves being king,

Loves it enough to keep talking.

Drugs in his eyes

Sex on his lips

Who was I to resist?

The lies are always so real with him

Because he has you

Tell them to yourself.

He could love me

We could be together

It would be so perfect.

When he strikes

It burns.

Feeding off of the wars

He started with his words.

A mean cycle

Never ending,

Because of his hunger

For royalty

Royalty that only pain could maintain

My pain especially.

I watched him raise his weapon

To my heart

Can’t speak

Can’t stop

One word

And it was over.

Even as I lay bleeding

Even as he chose his throne

Over me

I wanted him

A hold so dark…

Who was I to try and resist

The Peacemaker?


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