I’ve never been one

To sit still

At least,

Not for long.

You’ve gotten me this far

Complacent for months on end;

Six to be exact.

My pet leviathan

Has fallen asleep

And the mad man

Has long since vacated

My doorstep.

Friends and family

Are all happy for me

And my outer parts, too.

The girl of change

Has fallen silent

And with her that’s ok.

After all,

She longed to be safe

And safe she remains.

But something’s bubbling now

The Damsel of The Inferno

Rises out of ashes,

A Phoenix of her own rebellion

Spreading wings

And tongue-flicked flames

Scratch me from the inside.

For now,

I’m silent,

But what happens

When the outer parts


All I can figure out

Is it’s time for change

For the girl of change

Once more.


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