There once was an African Princess-to-be

Who lived in the year 1853

And was invited out by the English queen for tea

But when she arrived, there were no crumpets or mugs

Only men with dogs and whips and thugs

But do not be deceived

The Princess received

Her afternoon tea with the queen.

And the queen cried out

“I want her for my own!”

As she sat on her sparkling ruby-red throne

And the Princess whispered to herself

“Thank God, I shall not be sold!

I shall live in this palace until I grow old!”

So she worked at the royal court

For years that never felt short

Yet every day

The Princess did pray

To thank to queen for not sending her away.

Though the more she thought

She suddenly caught

The inkling that something wrong she had bought

For to the Princess the queen did lie

About that meeting with tea and cherry pie

“I was stolen away!”

The Princess thought with dismay

The queen did not save her

For she had still enslaved her

And the African Princess-to-be

Decided the English queen was quite selfish, indeed.


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