And So The Queen Rubbed Off On The Princess (Selfish Part II)

One day the African Princess

Escaped the English Queen

She sought a man

So tall, handsome, and pristine.

At first their romances was oh so bright

But the Princess had a tortured soul

Still full of untapped spite.

And so she constantly spit upon her love

With an arrogant sneer

And no care for consequences to come.

The man who once thought

The Princess to be perfect

Realized now

He no longer thought her to be worth it.

Her loved turned his back to leave

But the Princess began to desperately plead:

I need you to stay
Love me until I find my way
I need you to be with me
Until I am once more whole
I need you to stay
And heal my tortured soul.

And so the man did not leave

But the Princess knew

A new heart she needed to cleave.


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