Letters From Petoskey

Dear Pericaliya,

Dear love,

It has felt like years since you came here and stayed with me.


I understand a lot more of your past

Most of it is dark.

I am not scared.

You give me light.

You make me feel alive

I feel safe,

And more of a person who belongs.

So safe with you.

If you are in my future, I know I will be happy

I will be, too.

My Summer has been pretty lousy up here

So has mine

Without you.

But I don’t dare let you know it.

I’m sorry for the hate I’ve caused you

Hatred is easier than sorrow

Everyday I smile because you are mine,

You relieve both, love.

 And everyday I worry that someone else will realize the same thing I have

I worry that another girl will steal you away.

You aren’t perfect:

She will be perfect.

You are so much more.

I can’t lose you

I can’t lose you

With you everything is different

I don’t feel alone.

I feel safe.

I love you so much,

Your loving girlfriend,

C. A.



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