My cold-hearted anger reaches it’s end
And all my brick walls are coming unglued
I can’t believe how far I’d fall for you
Is this that crazy feeling that we call love?

So I guess I’m screwed, I can’t figure out what’s right
I don’t wanna fight this
Don’t want to end this flight

If someone else can hear me, slap me back to life
But you look at me, I can’t see past your ocean eyes.
You’ve got me strung out, I take the bait, and I’m yours
I’m stuck again, my senses in your crushing grasp

Silver moon tempting me like gold,
Never looking back, and I’ll do what I’m told.
I could never let you ever again
Call me a slave, my mind’s at its end.

Silver flowers, silver heart, silver wonderwall
Metallic and transparent
Can you here me at all?

I love you more now than I did before
But I’m scared to death, tell me, what’s the point of this?
This back and forth has been so understated
Do want me now, do you care if I exist?

Tell me how I can go on
When I don’t know if you’re here or gone.
I cannot deny that I want you here,
My silver lover’s taken me away.


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