I Do Not Believe In God

I do not believe in God.

Laugh at me, spite me

Picture me burning in Hell.

But how can I possibly believe in God?

I look at the sky every night

There are patterns so complex and so simple

We are so small

We are so minuscule

But we are so important.

It makes no sense at all

Our planet is so insignificant

But we have life.

How can I believe in Creation

When even He could not have imagined such insanity?

The Universe is a mind

Subconsciously experiencing itself

We are living on the same wavelength

We are fragments of a bigger energy

Slowed to the point of materialising,

Living in a dream.

How can I fear God’s wrath

When I know death is simply an energy shift?

Maybe someday I’ll be a tree

Maybe I’ll be stardust in a space cloud

But I will never cease to exist

We fear our own mortality

But we forget that as a whole we are immortal.

How can I wish to be preserved in Heaven

When I dream of unifying with the atmosphere?

Everything beats together

We share a common rhythm

I believe in love

I believe in the Universe

I believe we have no purpose

And that in itself is purpose enough

We live to exist

For joy and experience

So let’s all stop believing in God

And start believing in Ourselves.

Tell me,

How could I possibly believe in God?


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