“So Why Not?”

“If I die, the sun will come up tomorrow and the moon and stars will still come out at night, so why not?”

Because I am stronger than the heartbreak my ex left me with

Because I am bigger than the shallow drama that insecure girls spit at me

Because I have more intellect than the bitter cold February air

Because my personality is warmer than the August sun

Because I can sing a serenade to myself just as well as he could

Because despite his anagapesis, he cannot hurt me anymore

Because I am more than the names on the list of those who succeeded when I failed

Because I don’t need anyone’s love but my own to complete me

Because I am more compassionate than the cool metal of the train tracks

Because I’ve taken my pocket knife back, and I carry it with dignity

Because I am ten times more important than the moonlight

Because I am strong

Because I can fend for myself

Because I have grown

Because I am confident

I refuse to romanticize the image of my loved ones gathered around a dirt hole where my rotting corpse has been placed.

Because I refuse to give up on them

And I refuse to give up on myself.


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