Hold Your Ground


That’s the word, isn’t it?

But I’ve got nothin’ to lose

Nothin’ to prove.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

If you love something let it go, right?

This isn’t the waiting generation anymore,

We’re connected through networks

We speed up with every word

The world turns a little faster every day.

I’ve no time for waiting

That’s what conjunctions and abbreviations are for.

I’m treating Monday mornings like Friday nights

And I’m living in the moment

They tell me to give it time

And have patience

But rebellion is all the rage

Content is what comes to those who wait

To be content is to be complacent

And who ever knew the Girl of Change to be complacent?

I’m capitalizing my name now

And putting “Risk” in the middle of it.

Good things come to those who wait

Great things come to those who fight.

We all talk about wisdom

Like it comes from sitting beside a tree


Wisdom comes from battle

Maybe that’s unwise of me to say,

But I won’t know for sure until I try.

It’s death to the girl at the end of the serenade,

What’s born is something better.


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