And young girls walk in groups
I stand against the bathroom wall
It's so strange feeling older
As your surroundings grow younger.
I've stopped being attached to things
People stay near me
But their minds can't bear me.

Why should I trust anyone besides myself anyways?
I gave my life to someone
That hurt me so deeply
I felt a rage unprecedented to date.
It doesn't really matter anymore
He's still making the same idiotic face in every picture
And I'm changing.

Change isn't bad
It's only bad when you outgrow your hometown
One more year here
I'm growing too fast the walls keep shrinking
Okemos why aren't you growing with me?
Why must I endure your simplistic suburban streets
When I am meant for those lights
Lights in dorms hanging in girls' rooms
When I pass by campus?

I'm stuck against this wall
With boys who sold their hearts and minds for sanity
Sanity is useless
Well, maybe not in Okemos
But I have a feeling it's useless everywhere else.

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