Do you remember

When you felt so whole, felt like a light

Was there for you

Just for you and the beach was part of your soul?


And I confess, back then, I took care of you

You took care of everything, you were feeling right.

Then waves came fast

Diluted what was left, my soul aqueous.


I let the water flood in

Just to leave me high and dry,

Poisoned with faith once again.

And you can get what you want but it’s never enough

Left lying at night, sorry I let him hurt you

But I know you’re strong, you’re the part of me they stick to.


And I remember

It wasn’t the first time

I let something in,

Before it was water there were guns, Peacemaker.


And I’m not the same same as I was before

I’ve grown, you know how much better off I am.

And I miss my soul

My soul’s aqueous, I’m drying you out.


2 thoughts on “Aqueous

  1. Chelsea says:

    All of your poems are truly incredible. From the range of sadness to happiness and everything in between I think you should really publish your work in a book. I’d most certainly buy it! I’m fairly sure everyone else would too. Keep up the fantastic work, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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