I have so much to accomplish

But there’s someone in me screaming



You either save yourself or remain unsaved, I guess

And there’s so much fire in my blood

It’s clogging the tips of my fingers

And I type and backspace because I just won’t make sense

I need to drain the pressure before it drains me

Drain, there’s so much I need to drain

I need to empty out the cavity of my mind

That used to hold love

That filled up with puss after my first heartbreak

I need to dispose of the liquid in my legs

Because I’m so used to floating

I can’t run when I’m floating

And I need to run to drain the hatefulness,

No matter what I become I will not become hateful

And I need to unblock my senses

I don’t know why I can’t feel anymore

But I think I blocked myself

When every last ounce of my free time was sucked up by my Junior year

Something needs to drain.


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