Romanticizing Romance

My fear overtakes me now
Said I’d never let it take me live,
But now I’m falling free with every thread that breaks
There’s ground that’s rushing up but
I guess it’s better than being tied down.

I’m stripped of my protective shell
Trying to be strong without my pocket knife
Took it from me before I realized
I need it again, because no one’s by my side

I won’t be sad, not this time
Love is not enough for I’m still rough
Not enough to get by
Destructive as a drug, keeps you high
Sober up, don’t let it run
Can’t let it run my life

Easier to look back to the other side
Harder to remember that strong pain
Memories make it hard to save
Romance is romantic
When it’s just in the past
Try and try, remember how it made you cry.


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