This is more than I bargained for
You’ve been forcing on me everything you think I feel,
But I’m coded in ways that you can’t see.
I was meant for this, but was I meant for you?
I’m just a violet mess of
Disheartened, vitriolic melodies.

I’m caustic, psychotic
You’re a siren and I’m caught in the rocks and shore

And I’m expecting this disconnecting
It’s logic, it’s catastrophic
Sealed my fate with a bullet
I’m holding the gun but you have the trigger.

Trust me, this is more than you can take
A calamity is our only option here
I’ll ruin you just like I always do
It’s just a virus, I infect the best of them
Tear up your insides
Before the blood cells kick in

 Kiss me now before I run
I’m just a renegade, and I’ll take off when the sky blackens.

You’re pushing me harder into this ardor
And I’m the one asphyxiated, strangulated
Smile because I’m elated
One of us will end up degraded.


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