The Harbinger

Change must be my idiosyncrasy

I’m in front of the woods

In love with the moon

But terror rips through me

At the howling of the wolves.

I promised to leave my wistfulness

With the grave I laid my lacerated heart

I let my liberator lock me up,

Safety’s just too insipid for me.

Now you’ve abrogated my absolution

Destroyed my declaration

I’m glass unbroken

Lying in shards of shattered resolutions.

Your levity of my destruction

Leaves me the strongest shell you ever saw

You smirk at my walls, harbinger

Warn me they’ll fall

Oh, love, you don’t even know.

There’s nothing that can detract my defenses

Not this time

The Girl of Change won’t crumble

Between the teeth of wolves.

I won’t allow you to impede me

A bitten lip won’t keep my mouth shut

Unsinking into warm depths,

I rise to an undertone of victory.


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