Of Gods and Animals

Youth is a paradox

 Because the young look at the young

And the rabbits are filled with fear

The lions and tigers with excitement

We see each other as animals

Our teenage years the jungle

Tigers want to stay

Feast and laugh and drink

Blood and wine give the same buzz

Rabbits want to run

Run from the mess and pain

The scourge of lost love

Run into twenty-one and freedom from claws…

The old are not the same.

To them, we are not animals

We are Gods.

Shining hair and straight teeth

Blissfully ignorant of the world’s constraints

Even rabbits miss the liberation of running

Ache for humid jungle air

The acid taste of a rainstorm to come.

To the old, the young are invincible

Youth is Enlightenment

To the young,

Youth is trial by Darwinism

And the old stare at the young

And the young stare at the old

As they watch animals become Gods

With the wolves howling as if to say:

“What did you expect?”


One thought on “Of Gods and Animals

  1. JunkChuck says:

    I think I was a big old grizzly–not to mess with the metaphor, but….I just wanted to growl and run and chase females, eat all I could, then sleep for four months.

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