My hometown’s in the dark

I enjoy the night

A certain air of excitement

Gazing out a blackened window

The square glass holding the future

Promise of tomorrow

I slip quietly beneath violet skies

My hometown slips into slumber

I trickle through charcoal streets-

Unnoticed and undisturbed

Giddy in the grasp of isolophilia

They sleep through the stars

Close their eyes to the ones of twilight

Close their minds to the ones of flesh

Too quiet at night

But much too loud in the daytime

  I’ve never feared gloaming

Sunsets bring galaxies,

In the empty openness

I am free  

My hometown is bumbling

Clawing through dusk, screaming, tripping

It’s a race into the day

Sempiternal begging for light

Silly, when their backs are turned

To the glowing aura

In the midst of the dark.


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