The constant excitement from chemicals battering against my skin

A crowd dressed in red and black is where I fit in

Surround by a thousand types of crooked sin

Where I can’t quite see what’s within-

And for the moment I can accept my shards,

My broken, shattered heart

And for a moment I can let go of my captive counterpart

I’m free in that I command the beat to begin.

It doesn’t matter there’s a year before I can leave town

To anyone looking for me now I’m not around

My soul’s been lost in echoing sound

It’s in this lost-soul state that my mind is found

And his horrid face gone

In the memory of this song

My captive counterpart screeches its so long

I’m going to be original now.

I’m learning the difference between poetry and lyrics

Some things are meant for silence, some for other to hear it

A human voice turns dead words hysteric

Music makes my poems less acidic

In this wonderful neutralization

Chords give realizations

This is what I’m meant for

I’m original now.


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