The terrorists terrorize again.

We respond with anger and violence.

It’s not because we want to,

We have to

Discussion is useless

We speak different languages

Not of the alphabet but of the heart.

Their language of love is different than ours

So when we scream “your love isn’t love!”

They hear lies

And deceit.

So we bomb them

And they bomb back

Evil doesn’t exist, can’t anyone see that?

There’s only misunderstanding

Only miscommunications.

The universal language of love is out there

Over the babble of war and religions and fear,

It’s in you.

So when a person stands before you

With practices strange and foreign

Remember their cells, blood, and bones

Remember they have smiles and homes

Remember we are all just carbon

Chemicals cooked in stars years ago

Rained down in stardust

Stardust down to our souls,

It’s in you.



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