And This Is How It Starts

To be honest,

Friendship is never a linear process.

It was a line

Then a break

Then a slow curve upwards, sharp

To a valley

A valley that we’re going to come out of-

We are infinite.

For after all,

Sisters are sisters

No matter where they drift.

I’ve missed you,

My favorite brunette.

Your fog

And my haze

Formed a wall,

But I can feel the paint peeling

And hear cracks in the foundation.

Whatever it takes,

My friend,

Whatever you need

Your favorite blonde

Is waiting for you.

I’m waiting for you,


Out Of The Haze

“A little too committed”

Tore them apart.

I’m almost out of the haze now

Honey-moon stage complete

I realize you’re a surrogate,

Feeding me the ego I crave

Distancing my reliance

On the ones already

Out on the other side…

I’m not saying I don’t love you,

The exact opposite, I think

But I’m throwing out ego

And replacing it with lines-

Pages already filled

With memories of the forgotten

And the hopes of my abandon,

My friends.

She’s been hidden in the fog

A little thicker than mine

She betrayed her own heart

For the heart of mine;

An act of love that cannot

Will not

Go unrequited.


It’s not a summer alone,

It’s a summer to rekindle.