If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed a pattern:

The girl of change

The Peacemaker

The boy at the end of the serenade

Each of these “characters” are real people in my life, and there are definitely going to be more characters to come. Even though each of these characters have been described in their corresponding poems (The girl of change in “Last Night On Earth”, The Peacemaker in “Peacemaker”, and the boy at the end of the serenade in “At The End Of The Serenade”) I’d like to go into a little more detail about them and the role they play in my real life.

The girl of change

The girl of change is, in short, myself. I picked the title after realizing how much I loved suspense and tension, almost like wanting to live in a murder mystery novel.

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is a little harder to describe. He’s someone who exists in my past, present, and very likely my future. Someone at one point I found to be worth a large portion of my time, before seeing him for who he truly is. I wouldn’t call him unattractive (physically, at least) and at first sight he has a rather charismatic, charming nature to him. He’s the kind of person that other people just gravitate to. We met several years ago, and our relationship is less than lovely. We clashed a bit when we first met, and both of us are still a little sore about it. Discounting our past issues, I thought we disliked each other so much because of how different we are. Different likes, dislikes, friends, music tastes, fashion options. But later I started to realize that we’re a lot more a like under the surface. Both of us are somewhat insecure, and we hide it by putting ourselves out there. I wonder if it’s true that opposites attract, and that’s why we can’t get along. There is one major difference between The Peacemaker and I though, the difference that earned him his character title: The Peacemaker uses everyone. He used me.

The boy at the end of the serenade

No longer deserves my words.

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