My (Summer) Bucket List

1. Go on a color run

2. Ride every ride in Cedar Point

3. Learn to do a wall flip.

4. Eat an entire chocolate cake.

5. Write a really awesome short story.

6. Cover an entire wall of my room in artwork/posters.

7. Make a scientific breakthrough.

8. Memorize all of my music for marching band by August 11th.

9. Have a blast at Harmony Explosion.

10. Go to a concert of a band I hardly know.

11. Crash a party.

12. Kiss a guy I’ll never see again.

13. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

14. Go somewhere awesome with my friends for a day.

15.  Get kicked out of a mattress store for jumping on the beds.

16. Go parasailing.

17. Inhale helium..

18. Wear a shirt that says “life” and hand out lemons.

19. Wear a “Free Hugs” shirt and see how many people hug me.

20. Text “I hid the body” to random numbers.

21. Go star-gazing.

22. Look at planets through a telescope.

23. Learn how to use chopsticks.

24. See some awesome plays.

25. Sing my heart out.

26. Write a song.

27. Go for a barefoot walk down the beach in the rain.

28. Make a YouTube video and have it go viral.

29. Go to an open-mic party.

30. Write a letter to my future self.

31. Get on a huge sugar high and crash hard.

32. Learn to play the piano.

33. Pull a REAL all-nighter sleepover.

34. Become a band section leader.

35. Get a bold homecoming dress.

36. Go on a hike.

37. Create a scrapbook of summer memories.

38. Put a Walkie-Talkie in a gnome and shout at people as they walk by.

39. Write with a quill and ink.

40. Learn how to play the bass.

41. Learn how to skateboard.

42. Complete my driving hours.

43. Have a beach day.

44. Go on a group date.

45. Make memorable camp experiences.

46. Have a spa day.

47. Tie messages to balloons and let them go.

48. Have a prank party.

49. Get the perfect bikini body.

50. Fight for something.

2 thoughts on “My (Summer) Bucket List

  1. Jess A says:

    YES TO NUMBER 4. I would also add this item to my bucket list. We could have a virtual cake eating date of it.

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