The Earth, The Ocean, The Sky

One day The Earth found herself lonely

She asked the Sky To be her companion.

The Sky simply laughed

And said “Why would I stay with you When I’m so in love with being free?”

And so the Earth remained cold

And she was bare and lonely.

Despite her cold

And despite her bareness

The Ocean was watching from afar

And thought the Earth was beautiful.

The Ocean came to her And offered company

Confessed his infatuation With the Earth.

And the Earth saw His tidal wave emotions

And the Earth saw

The constant changing nature

Of the Ocean, Much like her own.

And so she pulled the Ocean close;

They became one.

The Sky watched from above

For a very long time.

One day

The Sky found himself lonely

He asked the Earth To be his companion.

She did not respond,

For she was too distracted

By the loving Ocean.

And so the Sky began to cry,

But his tears did not bring

To the Earth or the Ocean Grief.

Instead The Sky’s tears

Brought strength to the Ocean

And life To the once bare, cold, lonely Earth.



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