The Scarlet Song

I don’t know where my mind goes

I’m scared I’ve lost what I love the most

I’ve been alone for far too long

I’m unique in my fighting song.

I feel this pulling urge now and then,

Stay awake trying to ignite him.

I want to feel harrowing love

I want burn you like a black dove.

Let the fallen angel take a sip.

It’s wrong now

They’re ending our song now,

The wavelengths of turmoil

And a twisting tongue.

You’ve left my world

So I stand on your turf

I’m tired of changes

And my renegade heart…

I thought you were mine.

Don’t look at me once you’ve uttered the word

I’ll make sure that statement’s unheard.

Touch my collarbone with your lips

So mine don’t feel your last kiss,

I’ve blushed for you too many times.

I can’t pretend that I would have known

I never meant to fall in love again,

Am I crying once again?

I know now

You’re not what I need now

But without you I don’t know how

To live on the beach.

Got to leave the ocean

Got to get to ocean blue

And leave with the sun.


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